Hack The Vote

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Hack The Vote 2020

A *quadrennial* CTF run by RPISEC

Welcome Everyone!

The previous Hack The Vote was a bit too accurate, so this year we're bringing back some candidates that are maybe less controversial. As you play, your flags can be used to vote for one of these mighty candidates to decide the next Cyber President.

Additionally, you can join us on freenode irc in the #hackthevote channel

So Without Further Ado...

Your 2020 Cyber Candidates

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln believes firmly that Ghidra is a usable alternative to IDA Pro, and promises to fund support of AT&T syntax. Basing his platform on usability standards, he advocates for recognition of emacs as a socially-acceptable text editor (and OS) and will not stand for exploit scripts written in anything earlier than Python 3.6. Lincoln supports the 90 day disclosure policy, and promises to enact legislation protecting those who disclose bugs responsibly.

George Washington

George Washington likes vim, but uses arrow keys to navigate. He supports free software (not the type you're thinking of) and advocates for your freedom to drop bugs on Twitter if they're out of scope of the bug bounty. To aid in campaigning, he posts detailed write-ups titled "eta wen" on Hacker News and writes long arguments in /r/linux threads. Vehemently sticking to Python 2.7 (it lives on!), Washington's platform is based on the beliefs that your right to free 1337speech is more important than your right to hold serious conference talks.

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